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  • About Possibility Management


    Possibility Management empowers you to change directions and create a regenerative way of life. With new thoughtware and a new way of living you can create completely new results not dependent on the circumstances. It works by converting inner barriers into fertilizer, doorways, rocket ships, or avoidable mud puddles along your path of evolution.

    Possibility Management is upgraded thoughtware for catalyzing change in the physical, intellectual, emotional or energetic obstacles blocking you and your team from using non-obvious possibilities.

    For more than 40 years the originators of Possibility Management have passionately shared open-code tools and distinctions that bring people into greater coherence.

    Today a worldwide community of trainers works tirelessly and highly inspired together to implement the shared vision of a global shift: build bridges between modern culture which brings humanity to its limits, and the next cultures where archetypal initiated men and women collaborate with each other.



    Transformation depends of Trainers the way surgeries depends on surgeons.

    The Trainer Path is one of the specialty that emerges out of the Possibilitator Training.



    Clarity. Transformation. Love


    Besides single and couple coaching Ana offers Expand The Box Trainings, Possibility Labs, Trainer Trainings and works with teams, businesses and communities.



    Courage. Gaia. Evolution. Possibility. Love

    Julia is passionate researcher of the Feminine. She offers a whole range of online events as well as Expand The Box Training, coaching and mediation.




    Courage. Presence. Oneness. Love.


    Tristan is an Expand The Box Trainer as well as offering legendary Rage Clubs, Gremlin Transformation, Men's Gatherings, and single coachings.




    Empowerment. Creation. Collaboration. Authenticity.


    Offering dynamic lubrication to Possibility Management NZ through conscious movement, Sybille is a communtiy weaver force in the spaces she holds; Rage Clubs, Coaching, 'PM in motion'.



    Transformation. Courage. Curiosity. Authenticity. Abundance.


    Annika empowers women to be authentic and claim their authority. She holds transformational spaces through Women's Rage work, Coaching, and Red Tents that create possibilities for you to live your purpose, pleasure and creations.


    99% of the possibilities available right now are invisible to us.

    Did you ever try to change something in your life?

    The human mind is able to imagine a perfect result but the actual change doesn’t happen in the mind.

    Outer change starts with inner change.

    Supporting each other.

    There is a life before the Expand The Box Training and one after that.

    Most probably you learned how to survive in conditions that no longer apply. Even if a decision is forgotten it still shapes your life. Without your knowing how, the standard thinking and behavior patterns you adopted from your parents, your culture, and your education system could severely limit both

    4-day residential Training

    Expand The Box is the core Training for Possibility Management, it qualifies you to attend a Possibility Lab


    The training day starts at 9am and ends on 10pm with exception of the last day which ends at 4pm.

    Training fee: $650-950 sliding scale + logistics fee

    For repeaters the sliding scale starts at: 2nd ETB $400 / 3rd ETB $200 / 4th ETB $100

    No training fee from the 5th ETB




    There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

    The purpose of a Possibility Lab is to crate doorways and internal capacity to bring more consciousness in every day life.

    Healing and initiatory processes into adulthood.

    The purpose of a Possibility Lab is to crate doorways and internal capacity to bring more consciousness in every day life.Completing Expand The Box qualifies you to attend a Possibility Lab

    Possibility Labs are spaces of grow, connection, initiation and high level fun!

    Creating Next Culture. Together.

    Although both beginners and advanced participants join the trainings at the same time, the learning turns out to be very personal, addressing individual topics. It is a tradition in Possibility Management that advanced participants share their experiences with new participants.

    Each participant is met where they are and goes through those particular processes which are most valuable for him at this stage in their life.

    4-day residential Training

    We all come together as a village.

    We set up and take down the training spaces together, prepare meals and clean-up together. This builds the practical capacity to create a learning community. We collaborate.

    The training day starts at 7am and ends on 10pm with exception of the last day which ends at 4pm.

    Training fee: $650-950 sliding scale + logistics fee


    If you are in the Possibilitator Training, the sliding scale starts at:
    11th Lab $300 / 12th Lab $200 / 13th Lab $100
    If you are an ETB Trainer, the fee is $0 after the 10th Lab.


    Own your Anger.

    Rage Club is the space to gain a real option about whether you use Anger unconsciously, or consciously.


    Anger is one of nature's energies, mostly known as a bad one...

    But think of it this way.- Joy can be used to shame, or to inspire.

    - A knife can be used to threaten, or to prepare fine cuisine.

    The energy itself is neither bad nor good, it is about how it is used.



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